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News Release | RIPIRG | Consumer Protection

Chemical Security Legislation Must Include Safer Technologies

Statement of U.S. PIRG Public Health Advocate Liz Hitchcock: A subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee marked up the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act of 2008 today. 

News Release | RIPIRG | Health Care

Congress Passes Prescription Drug Safety Reforms

By overwhelming margins, the House and Senate passed this week significant reforms to the Food and Drug Administration’s drug safety review system. The centerpiece of the bill includes strong consumer protections.  President Bush has sent mixed signals on whether or not he will sign the bill, which passed the House 405 to 7 and passed the Senate unanimously.

News Release | RIPIRG | Health Care

House Passes Prescription Drug Safety Reforms; Senate to Follow

The House today passed significant reforms to the Food and Drug Administration's drug safety review system. Part of a comprehensive FDA bill, the bill was a compromise between Senate and House legislation that passed overwhelmingly earlier this year.

News Release | RIPIRG | Health Care

House Passes Drug Safety Legislation

Consumers scored a victory today over the powerful pharmaceutical industry when the House voted 403 to 16 to pass drug safety legislation as part of a comprehensive Food and Drug Administration reform bill.

News Release | RIPIRG | Health Care

Energy and Commerce Committee to Consider Drug Safety Bills

The Energy and Commerce Committee is considering legislation today that will protect consumers from unsafe prescription drugs. The safety bills are part of a package of nine Food and Drug Administration-related bills. Earlier this week the Subcommittee on Health passed the bills on a voice vote.


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