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 | by
Danielle Melgar
Food & Agriculture Advocate

We all play a role in creating food waste, so we can all be part of the solution.

 | by
Patricia Kelmar
Director, Health Care Campaigns

 It’s time for Congress to enact a common-sense solution to bring down drug prices

Electric vehicle batteries can serve as a key source of storage for renewable energy. Zero-emission school buses are the perfect application

 | by
Ed Mierzwinski
Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program

In a new report, we question whether “Buy Now Pay Later” plans make “no fees or interest!” claims that may not be true. We find that you might be billed for canceled or backordered items, but neither the merchant nor the BNPL provider may take responsibility. You can file a comment in the CFPB’s BNPL inquiry until March 25th. Get our BNPL tips.

Cover image: Courtesy iStock by B4LL, used under license

In 2021 and so far this year, we've seen a stream of children’s sleepwear recalls.